Ana Rui Aguiar

Ana Rui Aguiar

Illustrator & brand designer

Hi, my name is Ana Rui and I’m a visual artist with more than 10 years of experience working in a creative field. Several years I worked as an architect and more recently in illustration and brand design, where I feel I can let my creative skills fully blossom.

A passionate soul with organised methods, I’m driven by turning dreams and ideas into vibrant creative visual solutions. I also love good stories – who doesn’t? – and by telling them, I hope to connect and bring people together.

An architect, a mother, an entrepreneur and a curious dreamer…These are all important parts of me that I translate into my work. With an eye for details, structured processes and a happy playful mind, I love to balance all these aspects using colour and texture to express one’s uniqueness.

Born in Portugal and based in Amsterdam, I experience every day the beauty and excitement of such a diverse world. Beauty is in connection and in the little unexpected things, so let’s make the world a happier and more connected place!